Team members

Jason Arbour

 Editor | director

Jay is a chatter. He enjoys talking (loudly) of TV series and video games. He is a movie buff and a narration wizard who always has a solution to surprise people and redefine projects. A dedicated creator, he works to create and keeps on creating even on holidays. He's the real McCoy.

Benoit Côté


Environmentalist with an absurd sense of humor, he loves cat t-shirts. Every day, Ben approaches his work with his distinctive sensitivity. One must see him dance to realize how this reserved and silent guy is one of a kind…

Simon-Pierre Légaré

3D Artist

Simon-Pierre has a taste for adventure. So much, that he prefers to work on a PC! 3D magician, with his degrees in Multimedia & Art and science of animation, Alain Choquette had better watch out!

Laurie C. Laberge

Project manager

Mrs. Unfailing Memory. The right woman for the job. Laurie thinks of everything and foresees even the unforeseeable. That's the way she is… kind of a wizard. It seems she fell in the absolute strictness cauldron as a child. Is she perfect? In our view she is. Her little weakness: eating jujubes.

Simon Giguère


An artist. A genuine one. With his head in the clouds, Simon is Mister Inspiration. He adds value to anything he touches and always knows what to say to help his colleagues enhance their creation. His great versatility is a major asset, but what characterizes him most is his great creativity.

Jean-Francois Dugal

General manager

10 years ago, he founded STUDIO ELEMENT. Motion designer by training, he now oversees management and business development. A passionate biker, he is also a former bassist converted into a drummer. Jeff likes to see things evolve. For real.

René Caron


If experience could bear a man's name, it would be René Caron. René is the man for the job. How can he always be that passionate? Rumor has it he is still a child at heart. If you like Star Wars, you're sure to be his friend.

Nicolas Lemay

vfx | colorist

Our latest recruit in the vfx gang. He has the beanie (a must in the department) but mostly he has the talent! At work and on his skateboard, Nico goes with the flow and is ready to to meet any challenge. He may be the youngest of the team but he already has several big projects under his belt. Nico is our quiet strength!

Eric Denis


Co-founder of STUDIO ELEMENT, Eric is the creative eye who knows how to lead the team. Passionate about images, he has a keen attention to details. Lumberjack in his spare time (that's right!), he enjoys riding his motorcycle and playing guitar. An accomplished artist? Exactly.

Hélène Roux-Bordage

Project manager

Hélène was probably born with a smile stamped on her face! This happy camper is without doubt the best audience for your questionnable jokes. Hé is always attentive to everyone's needs, she adds the little extra that makes the difference in every project.

Thierry Roussel-Garneau


Call him Mister T. Mysterious godfather of his department, one wonders how he finds the time to learn everything he knows. Because he does know about a lot of things. Actually, on everything. No matter the type of project he is working on, he always has an ace in his pocket to take the idea a step further.

Patrick Bourque


Pat is our savior. He is the guy who makes sure everything is working properly in the studios. Solving our problems is his greatest skill. Since he is so good at what he does, he spends his weekends working on his old cars.

Gary Boilard


An outstanding perfectionist, he has an eye on everything. When you see him riding his Harley bike with his Wolverine-like beard, you can't guess how gentle he is. Jumping out of a plane in mid-flight is less scary for him than losing files.

Marcelle Maheu


A master in the art of spelling her name, Marcelle oversees the daily management of the studios. Behind her poker face hides the queen of pleasantry. She is "slightly" obsessed with storage, but is unable to assemble IKEA furniture.



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